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The clock sits at 2:22 symbolizing movement in the right direction... In regards to angel numbers 222 represents transition and a want for "balance"... Also signifying balance, are the roses that surround the clock as well as the two tarot cards off in the corner. My deck of choice is the Wildwood Tarot, so I have illustrated my version of the "5 of vessels" and "World Tree" . The 5 of vessels acknowledging that loss and pain can be a positive catalyst to move forward. The second card "the world tree" reminds us to enjoy the ride... Life is full of surprises, know where you're going, but accept and embrace the journey along the way. To complete this piece I have added my dragonflies as a reminder that your guides are always watching over. I have accented this piece with gold and silver metallic paint... I wish it showed up better on camera bc it sincerely completes the entirety of this.


Acrylic on canvas